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Discover a world where you can borrow more than just books.
A hub of possibilities! A treasure trove of items beyond ordinary!
From power tools for your DIY adventures, to board games for family fun, to camping gear for your outdoor escapades, or kitchen appliances for culinary experiments; our collection is here to enrich your experiences without breaking the bank or the burden of ownership.

Through borrowing, you can save money, space in your home, develop new skills for which the equipment needed is too expensive, whilst also enhancing a sense of community and embracing circular economy practices by fostering a culture of sharing, by preventing the purchase of products with idling capacity, reducing resource extraction and landfill waste.

Let’s make borrowing
the new buying!

Join us in fostering a sustainable and resourceful community where borrowing opens the doors to new experiences and adventures.
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    Best thing about Antek is to earn some on their equipments.
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    Best thing about Antek is to earn some on their equipments.
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    Best thing about Antek is to earn some on their equipments.
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    Best thing about Antek is to earn some on their equipments.
Embrace the joy of borrowing
Find and rent a thing easily
Can anyone borrow items from the Library of Things?

Users must be registered members to be able to borrow items from the Library of Things. Anyone can register and become a member!

Membership and Registration requirements
  • Registration requires valid identification card with a picture.
  • Registration requires proof of current address (e.g. telephone bill, electricity bill etc).
  • Members must be 18years old or older.
  • Members agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information during the registration process.
  • Members must read, understand, and accept the Lending policy before registering.
What happens with late returns of the items?

A grace period of 1 day will be provided for late returns.
Late fees of 5 euros amount per day will be charged after the grace period.
This amount should be paid in cash to the staff of the Library of Things.

Lost or damaged items and replacement

Members are responsible for the care and safekeeping of borrowed items and any item damages caused during the borrowing period.
Members agree to report any fault in any item borrowed from the Library of Things as soon as possible.
Fees will be assessed for lost or irreparably damaged items, equivalent to the cost of replacement. The cost of replacement should be paid in cash.

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